PastorCare Network


PastorCare is an ever expanding network of individuals who share a common heart for helping hurting pastors and their families. Our desire is to serve as a support network for hurting pastors, providing practical assistance and ongoing support.

PastorCare recognizes that pastors are in a special role as caregivers while often needing care themselves. PastorCare provides help that is Practical, Personal, and Private (confidential).

PastorCare assists pastors and their families in numerous ways. We have Regional Directors in key locations throughout the nation.

No matter what you are going through, PastorCare wants to be there providing resources to meet your spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational health.

How PastorCare is unique…

  • When pastors are reluctant to seek help… we initiate contact and follow-up
  • When pastors fear vulnerability… we provide safe and confidential listening
  • When pastors face personal struggles… we express empathy and compassion
  • When pastors feel guilt and shame… we offer grace without condemnation
  • When pastors feel lonely and isolated… we step in beside them
  • When pastors need counseling… we provide networking and referrals

PastorCare is a Christ-Centered Caregiving Network for hurting clergy providing resources for Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, and Relational Health . . . Rooted in Grace, Integrity, Brokenness, Compassion, Transparency, and Confidentiality.

We Offer…

Encouragement through…

  • Experienced pastors who are available to share scripture, practical assistance, and to pray with hurting pastors and their families.
  • Trained Christian professionals (medical, legal, therapist, chiropractor or counselor), who offer free/discount services for hurting pastors and their families.
  • An intercessory prayer team praying for hurting pastors and families.

Connection to…

  • Trained caring staff who will assess needs and connect to the best resources for a hurting pastor and families to receive help.
  • Retreat centers, “Get-Away Places” or interim employment because of a forced dismissal by a congregation.

Prevention by…

  • Sharing resources that help pastors avoid common “ministry pitfalls.”
  • Linking pastors and/or churches to gifted mentors.