Every church has at least one family without a pastor. When pastors and their families need a pastor where do they go?

If you know a teenage pastor’s daughter…

It’s amazing to me who God chooses to use to further His Kingdom. Often the last people that you would imagine are the ones who God sees are perfect for the position!

I am one of those people. If you would have asked me 20 years ago if one day I would be entering the ministry field, I would have laughed at you and walked away. It’s funny how God works all things together for our good, and turns our tests into beautiful testimonies.

I am so excited to share with you the new ministry that I have launched through PastorCare West Michigan called BeYOUtiful Daughters, A Haven for Pastors Daughters.

I think it will fill a huge need in the ministry world and I believe that I am uniquely qualified to run the ministry and work with Pastor’s Daughters, mainly because I am one.

God used the mess I made of my life growing up as a very rebellious, angry teenager, to become a message of grace and hope for girls going through similar experiences in their own lives. I have been fully restored and healed of the deep wounds that I incurred as a “PK” and desire nothing more than to walk along side these beautiful young ladies through their own journeys.

BeYOUtiful Daughters is a ministry geared specifically for Pastors’ Daughters. It’s a place where they can turn for support, encouragement, advice, healing and hope from someone who “gets it” because I’ve been there, I know how they feel and what they’re going through. I understand the unique pressures, expectations, roles, fears, hurts, joys and pain that the daughter of a pastor experiences.

Satan is attacking Pastors any way that he can right now, many of those attacks are being directed towards their families, especially their daughters. They are being hit in the areas of self-image, self-esteem, self-worth, and purity.

The reason that I named the ministry BeYOUtiful Daughters has to do with where true beauty comes from, and that is within. I want every Pastor’s Daughter that I work with to discover their true inner beauty and their identities outside of being known as the “PK”. I want to help them see themselves as God does, fearfully and wonderfully made, in His Perfect image. When girls have a strong and healthy self-image and self-esteem, they tend to make better choices in the areas of purity and walking against the grain of what society tells them to do.

I have a blog on the website that tells stories from my life growing up and how I made the transition from wild-rebellious teenage PK who wanted nothing to do with the church- to a fully committed follower of Jesus Christ as an adult woman 20 years later.

I am hoping that other Pastors Daughters will be able to relate to the stories and feel comfortable asking questions about things they are going through in their own lives. I desire to become friends with pre-teen Pastors’ Daughters (10-12 year olds) before they start to heavily experience much of this in their lives, then they will know who to turn to when things come up in their lives.

I am available anytime to talk to girls in person, over the phone, by text, on FaceBook, email or chatting online. My desire is to create a safe community of girls of all ages who all have one thing in common; we are all Pastors’ Daughters.

I’m not sure where this letter will find you, whether you have young daughters who are not yet affected, or adult daughters who have already grown through it, or don’t have daughters at all. My guess is though, that you know someone who does have daughters that could really benefit from what I have to offer.

My prayer is that wherever this letter finds you, that the Spirit will put a young girl on your heart that is in need of a listening ear and an understanding heart, and that you will pass on the information to her or her family.

For those of you that might have a daughter or son who has chosen to rebel or walk away from you, your family and the church, just know that I was once that lost child and God reached out and relentlessly pursued my heart until I turned back to Him. If He can bring that healing to my life, He can do it in your children’s life too, just trust Him. It may take time, but He will never give up on His lost sheep.