Confidential Coaching

Dr. John Smith uses the term coaching to describe the way he comes alongside pastors and their families through the ministry of PastorCare. What is shared in the relationship remains confidential.

Why Coaching?

  • Coaching empowers people to change without telling them what to do.
  • Coaching motivates people to change internally by taking personal responsibility to act.
  • Coaching helps people to discover the gaps between where they are and where they would like to be.
  • Coaching centers on helping people discover and fulfill their destiny by setting goals and taking action.
  • Coaching draws out of the other person what God has put in them.


Coaching is Different than Counseling


  • Coaches can initiate contact
  • Coaches can make “house calls”
  • Coaches can meet wherever
  • Coaches can meet for extended hours
  • Coaches can become a friend


  • Counselors must wait to be contacted
  • Counselors have clients come to the office
  • Counselors meet in a counseling office
  • Counselors tend to operate with 50 minutes sessions
  • Counselors keep a professional/client relationship


Confidential Coaching

  • Helping a person examine their life from a different perspective.
  • Developing a transparent relationship that fosters trust and safety.
  • Providing pre-emptive accountability which results in maximum progress.
  • Designing strategies and setting realistic goals leading to sustained growth.

God — not human ingenuity — is at the core of our being. God is the guide for all coaching work.

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