For Pastors’ Daughters

BeYOUtiful Daughters is a ministry for Pastors’ Daughters, created by a grown Pastor’s Daughter. Sarah Seaberg is a pastor’s daughter who suffered great judgment, exclusion, pain and bullying while growing up in the spotlight of the church. Understanding the unique pressures, expectations, experiences and needs that pastors’ daughters have, Sarah reaches out to other pastors’ daughters and walks with them through their journey. She provides a unique listening ear for these beautiful young ladies, because she fully understands what they are experiencing and can provide hope and encouragement for their future. Sarah made many mistakes and bad decisions along the way, but God decided to turn those poor choices into a beautiful testimony that will change many lives.

BeYOUtiful Daughters seeks to create a safe and supportive community of young girls, teens and young women who all have one thing in common, being a pastor’s daughter. The life of a Pastor’s Daughter is not an easy one and only someone who has lived that life can fully understand the unique pressures, struggles, expectations, and situations they face.

Our mission is to provide a haven for Pastors’ Daughters to share stories, experiences, fears, dreams and struggles with each other. We bring together Pastors’ Daughters as sisters in Christ to walk with each other through this incredible journey. We remind Pastors’ Daughters they are loved, cherished, and uniquely created by God. We teach them how to discover their true identity aside from what the church expects them to be. We help them see their inner and outer beauty as Daughters of the King.

Please visit the BeYOUtiful Daughters website and blog for more information.