In Ministry

Most professional athletes have a coach who can watch, observe, notice, and draw the best out of them. Most business executives have a coach who they can confide in and seek wisdom from. More and more pastors are embracing the idea of having a coach who is confidential and safe to share ideas, concerns, and struggles with.

Peter Drucker says, “The four hardest jobs in America (not necessarily in order) are: President of the United States, a university president, a hospital CEO, and a pastor.”

Ministry is difficult and challenging even when everything is going well. Leading a church has become increasingly more complex and challenging. It is the wise, the strong, and the courageous who seek the wisdom of someone they trust to walk with them in ministry.

My passion and calling from God is encouraging and walking with pastors and spouses as a confidential coach. It is always a blessing when we can start walking together before the conflict has fully escalated or burnout has become a reality.

Prevention is a concept that is frequently promoted but rarely practiced. As the old Fram oil filter commercial used to say, “You can pay me now, or you can pay me later.”

So let me ask you a few questions:
· Are you feeling overwhelmed by the pace of life and ministry?
· Is your emotional and spiritual tank close to empty?
· Has your zeal for the Lord and your passion for making a difference in the lives of people left you tired, weary, and on the edge of burnout?
· Are you sleeping well?
· Are you feeling trapped?
· Are you beginning to doubt your own judgment?
· Are you questioning your call to ministry?
· Are you wondering how you can keep going?
· Do you try to avoid conflicts and confrontations?

You could be suffering from what some are calling compassion fatigue. You have been continuously pouring yourself into the lives of others with no time or margin for personal renewal and refreshment.

You may be in a situation where the spirit of the church body is beginning to shift, and you don’t understand what is happening. You may be experiencing more and more conflict among the staff or between church members. Issues that had never bothered anyone have started to divide you. People are beginning to take sides. Differences of philosophy and methods are starting to divide you as well. You may begin to daydream about working at something else.

Don’t wait too long to reach out for help. I have walked in your shoes. My understanding and expertise comes from personal experience as the pastor of one church for 23 years.

I invite you to contact me and see if you feel comfortable sharing with me.