In the Family

Satan works every angle to destroy the church. Pastors, spouses, and their kids, are prime targets. He knows that if he can take out the leaders, he can severely damage the church. Satan sought to destroy Jesus by convincing one of His most trusted friends to betray him. He uses the same strategy in the church today. Satan seeks to destroy pastors by using temptation, isolation, conflict, and intimidation. He’s the master of deception and betrayal. Satan loves to attack pastors by turning trusted friends against them.

When the evil one is not successful coming against the pastor, he focuses his evil schemes on the pastor’s marriage and on the pastor’s kids.

Many pastors struggle with unresolved anger issues. Many pastors are ripe and vulnerable to the subtle attack and addiction of pornography. If you are struggling in this area you are not the first nor will you be the last pastor to face this battle.

Satan knows there is great power in a secret. As long as he can convince you to keep your sins a secret, he knows that he holds great power and control over you. He is the master of controlling Christian leaders with shame and guilt.

It’s time to break the silence and expose your secrets to the light. It’s the only way to be set free from the secrets that are slowing destroying you from the inside out.

I don’t have all the answers. I am willing to listen to you. I will be a confidential friend who you can confide in. I will never use the information or the truth against you.

If you are concerned about your daughter, please see getting help for pastors’ daughters.