Every church has at least one family without a pastor. When pastors and their families need a pastor where do they go?


No Contribution Is Too Small to Make a Difference

The majority of pastors, spouses, and pastors’ daughters we minister to are not able to pay for the services they benefit from. The PastorCare staff raises support, like missionaries who are ministering to pastors and their families. We are dependent on God moving in the hearts of His people to financially partner with our ministry. Please ask the Holy Spirit how He wants you to participate. We hope He leads you to become a Financial Partner in this strategic Kingdom ministry. Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Mark 6:21

Make a One-time Donation

Simply select the dollar level you would like to give, or enter your own amount in the available text box to make a one-time online contribution. Online contributions are safe and secure through PayPal. You needn’t have a PayPal account in order to give a one-time donation. All major credit cards are accepted as well.





Make a Recurring Donation

If you feel the Holy Spirit has moved you to give regularly to support the ministry of Pastor Care in West Michigan, please use the options below to setup a monthly donation. As always, online contributions to Pastor Care are safe and secure through PayPal.





Make a Donation by Mail

Checks can be made payable to PastorCare West Michigan. Our mailing address is:

PastorCare West Michigan
P.O. Box 2938
Grand Rapids, MI 49501