COnfidential Coaching

Two format options: (Both are fee based with a per hour rate)

  • One-to-One (with me)
  • Couple-to-Couple (with my wife Sue and me)

Confidential Coaching is different than Counseling.

Confidential Coaching                                       
Coaches can initiate contact
Coaches can make “house calls”
Coaches can meet wherever
Coaches can meet for extended hours
Coaches can become a friend
Coaching is an acceptable term
Counselors must wait to be contacted
Counselors have clients come to the
Counselors tend to operate with 50
Counselors keep a professional/client
Counseling has negative connotations 
Coaching is not counseling.
  • I don’t provide therapy to overcome disruptive painful influences from the past.
  • I will help you build vision and move toward the future.
  • We will not be reactively looking back.
  • We will be proactively looking ahead.
  • My primary focus with you is not about healing, it’s about growing.
  • I focuses less on overcoming weakness, and more on building skills and strengths.
  • Our relationship is less formal than the therapist-patient relationship.
  • I see you as an equal to partner with.
  • As a sage, I have experiences, perspectives, and knowledge that can be useful to you.
Confidential Coaching creates a special kind of relationship:
  • We are starting a partnership with a purpose, marked by honesty, respect, and mutual goals.
  • Like a servant, I seek to understand and assist you.
  • You have dissatisfactions with your current state of life and you are uncertain about how to move forward into the future.
  • I meet your desires by being a knowledgeable, vision-sensitive person who comes alongside you to provide a consistent guiding relationship.
As a Christian Coach:
  • God—not human ingenuity—is at the core of our being.
  • God is the guide for all coaching work.
  • God will help you make changes and move forward without continued assistance from me.
As your Confidential Coach I will:
  • Empower you to change without telling you what to do.
  • Empower you to change internally by taking personal responsibility to act.
  • Empower you to discover the gaps between where you are and where you want to be.
  • Empower you to discover and fulfill your destiny by setting goals and taking action.
  • Empower you by drawing out of you what God has put in you.