Welcome to PastorCare!
You are not here by accident!
I believe the Holy Spirit led you here!
It will be an honor and a privilege to connect with you and listen to your story!
I am an extrovert who loves to listen to the details of your story!
I look forward to connecting with you!
I will walk alongside you.
I will show you honor and respect.
I will value you for who you are.
I will not leave you behind.
I believe Every Pastor is Essential.
I believe Jesus Christ is the Only Hope for the World.
I believe Every Pastor Needs a Pastor at Some Point.
I believe the adversities and stresses of life and ministry can become overwhelming, leaving you discouraged, cast down, or burned out.  
I believe when things are going great, you need someone who is caring, confident, and confidential to brainstorm ideas and discuss strategies with.
I believe in the lost art of listening as long as it takes, asking great questions, encouraging and empowering you to thrive as a beacon of hope in your community.
Please share your contact information with me and let me know how I can help you. Everything you share will be kept confidential. I promise to contact you and schedule a time to meet very soon.