“I have had the blessing of knowing John and meeting with him for over a year.  Our times together have been beneficial to me in many ways.  I've been able to share with other pastors in a safe setting, to share ideas or plans and receive feedback from someone looking at things from the outside, and I've been encouraged by knowing John's prayers and encouragement on my behalf.  Especially during this past year with its challenges, having this coaching relationship has been a valuable gift.”
“As a chaplain to a large community of senior residents and staff, I found myself in need of personal support from an experienced coach to stay fresh spiritually and on track with the demands of ministry. Dr. John Smith has filled that role in my life. John is personable, caring, wise and full of good humor. He has experienced much in his ministry career that he graciously passes on to others. And the man can pray – I always look forward to his undergirding prayer for me at the end of each of our sessions. I recommend his support highly!”

“Though I’ve only known John and Sue for a little over a year, we are kindred spirits and I feel as if I have known them for many years. They are two of the most openly caring and honest people with which I have had the pleasure of building a friendship. Of all the things I love about their ministry, I think the most prominent is their selfless commitment to pastors and ministers. They have a revelation from God to understand that leaders need shepherding, too. Their counsel is caring and confidential. PastorCare West Michigan is one of the few places where a leader can take their mask off and be real, get advice, healing, and nurture. Personally, I look forward to meeting with my care group. It is refreshing and productive, working out problems I cannot work out on my own and being refreshed in an atmosphere where others understand me and genuinely care about my ability to effective in the kingdom of God.”